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Thread: Did I break my M2?

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    Did I break my M2?

    I feel pretty dumb right now. I had the computer running on my bench using a 13.5v dc supply simulating the car battery feeding the m2-atx. I am really bad with anything wiring electrical wise and ended up trying to measure amps by connecting my multimeter across the positive and negative in parralell! There was a spark from the tip of my multimeter probe and the computer died instantly.

    The 13.5v bench power appears to still be working. The motherboard powers up when plugged directly into a pc supply. However nothing happens when plugged in via the m2. The 15A spade fuse has not blown either.

    What is likely to have happened?

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    I took everything out, pushed everything back home and hey presto she fired up, turns out when i was prodding around with my multimeter i dislodged the wire connecting the bench terminal to the m2 and began to break out into a mild panic!

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