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Thread: M2-ATX Startup Help Needed

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    M2-ATX Startup Help Needed

    hi, I have been reading the manual. But I am confuse between jumpers J3 vs (J8,J9).

    Can the M2-ATX start without the J3 pin getting power? I have relays setup to mometarily "push" J8 or J9, like your pushing the power button Or switch the J1 or J3 around and used either (J8,J9) to start the computer?

    Short Version: I don't want to use J3 pin but I want to start the psu with J8 or J9 with an external switch.

    Here is the manual for ref: linky
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    I haven't tried it, but it should work without J3 getting power, as long as J1 (+ve) and J4 (-ve) are connected properly.

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