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Thread: Connecting M-2 in car

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    Connecting M-2 in car


    I am trying to install original xbox with m-2 power supply. I have two questions. First one is " do I need to connect m-2 directly to car battery?" I think I have three options:

    (1) I can use cigarette lgihter
    (2) I can use fuse tap from the fuse box
    (3) connect directly to car battery

    Which one do you recommend? My second question is if I choose either option (2) or (3), how do I find accessory wire? I have never done it so your help is highly appreciated.


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    #3, definitely.

    Don't forget to fuse your power line close to the battery!

    As far as an ACC line, you can check sources that have wiring diagrams. is one.
    There is usually an ACC line running to your radio harness or possibly cigarette lighters or a clock.
    Think about devices in your car that are only on when your ignition is on....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Thanks for your answer. It makes a lot of sense. I truly appreciate your answers.

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    for the acc line, i would also recommend testing the wire with a volt meter for proper functionality before trying to power any devices.

    when i wired my alarm system, i found 3 different wire color code charts, and there were inconsistencies between all 3.

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    That is a great suggestion. Thanks.

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