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Thread: Wiring M-2/xbox in my car

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    Wiring M-2/xbox in my car


    My xbox1 is working really well with 12 volt power supply on my bench. Now it is time to put it in my Honda Odyssey. Thanks for all your help.

    Following the recommendation by many of you here, I am planning to directly connect M-2 to the battery. Since I will be using some other devices (i.e. slim ps2 and a little media hard drive box) in the future, I was thinking that maybe I can directly tap my battery using 1/0 or 2 gauge wire and can have a fused power distribution block (1 in 4 out). I am also planning to have a fuse close to the battery. Then from one of the outputs of the power distribution block, I am planning to add 10 gauge wire to M-2.

    Does this sound like a good plan or an overkill? If you were me, would you do differently? I hope this won't fry my M-2. I really appreciate your comments on my plan.


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    i don't know what else your planning on connecting, but 0/1, or 2 ga sounds like a bit overkill for a couple of media devices like the ps2, and xbox..

    you can refer to this power chart for the proper wiring size you need:

    now, the major reason for not installing a larger power wire then needed is the extra expense of the copper wire.. if this expense is fine with you, then it is perfectly fine to use 1/0 ga..

    just do not use cca wire-- this is a new cheap wire type-- it stands for copper coated aluminum, and the wire must be larger to carry the same current as its copper equivalent. this wire also heats up quicker because of the aluminum..

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