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Thread: M2-ATX-HV 6-32V (140 Watt) difference with the M2-ATX 6-24V (160 Watts)

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    Question M2-ATX-HV 6-32V (140 Watt) difference with the M2-ATX 6-24V (160 Watts)

    Hi ,

    I understand the difference theoretically but in practice have you any preference between the HV and the classic ; I've seen the M4 troubles so I 've changed my purchase choice to the M2 for a P5KPL-AM EPU micro ATX and probably an asus Xonar ou USB sound car with MM500 TFT .

    Thanks by advance

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    from a reliability standpoint they're just the same.
    functionally (i'm going to state the obvious here) the "HV" has a higher voltage ability but lower overall wattage
    the pinouts on the unit itself are identical
    the form is identical
    the only real way to tell a difference is the "HV' model has a sticker that says "HV"

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    for most car PC installs of this nature, i'd recommend the M2-ATX (non-HV)
    the HV is really intended for higher voltage environments, or environments where the voltages fluctuate outside of the 6-24V range

    your typical 12v car setup should never need to take advantage of what the HV offers. i'd choose the higher wattage ceiling

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