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Thread: J6 Amp on/off

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    J6 Amp on/off

    So getting close to having everything done, but i just thought i'd check this..
    to use this feature, i just need to connect the amp acc socket to the positive pin on J6 right? I don't need to do anything with the GND pin?
    Oh.. and J3 i connect to an ACC line somewhere right? that's just a thin wire to give it the signal to start up/shut down?
    And from my newbie thread:
    also, the acc line i've found in the boot loses power when i crank the engine, is that an issue at all?
    So if i have this right, i put keys in and start the car, but the ACC line will get power (start PC startup cycle), but will lose power while cranking, then receive power again when car is running...
    M2ATX will compensate for this no worries?
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