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Thread: M2-ATX power brick for house use

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    M2-ATX power brick for house use

    I recently threw in the towel on my car pc set up and have been looking for ways to repurpose the set up around the house. I have some ideas but I'm looking for the least cumbersome way to power the pc (without changing the case etc - everything is in a neat case - mobo, m2, hdd, etc). I'm thinking any power brick that throws out 6V-24V with the right current rating should work (based on the spec sheet of the M2), but I just wanted to throw it out to the community in case there's an "advisable" input range.

    At first I was narrowing my search to 12V adaptors, but to buy one (with the current rating) and get it to me here in canada with shippiong ~ $50 (in some cases shipping is more than the actually unit). However, I'm thinking any 19V laptop power brick (which most seem to be and I can get for free) should work to get power to the M2 which will down-convert for the PCs needs.

    Am I mistaken?

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    You are correct, that should work fine. As long as the output rating on the brick is adequate for how much the M2 will draw at that voltage. (The lower the voltage, the more current the M2 will draw for the same load on the PC side)
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    Thanks for the confirmation.
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