Every time the M2 shut's off hard (have it set to 2 hour delay) - the next time I fire up the car, the only thing that happens is that the M2 powers up but doesn't relay to the mobo to turn on.

The strange part is that when I turn the car off, the M2 then powers up the mobo. If I turn the car back on again, it will send the signal to shut down the mobo. It's like it's always a step behind. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

If I can manage to trick the system, through a volley of ignition on and ignition off, and have the system stay on during crank, it will work just fine, sending the off signal or resuming at the correct times... until another hard-off comes, than it's back to square one.

Al the wiring seems to be correct, ignition powers with the car, etc. Any help is appreciated.