Hello peeps,

My M2 was purchased early last year and has been untouched in the box until last week when I wanted to finish the CarPC project.

I am only bench testing it and I am running everything with a fully charged 12v 10 Ah Jet ski battery.

Mobo is an "MSI E350IA-E45" only running 1- 2.5 HDD with no OS installed yet.

The case I am using has a power button & reset button connect to the motherboard.
PC starts fine when I use the power button but it does not start with the ignition wire.

I jumped pin "A" to get Mode 1 (or P1) and it still acts as a normal mode 0 (or P0 as the manual says) where the PC only boots up with the power button.

I have 12+ wire and negative wire connected to battery then I connect IGN wire to 12+ hoping it will boot the PC in 5 Seconds. Nothing happens. I also reversed Pos and Ignition wires with no results. Tried to jumped the other pins but that didn't start the PC with IGN either.

I disconnected the power and reset switch from the motherboard hoping that this might cause the timer not to work but nothing changed.

I am running out of options and am starting to think my brand new M2 has an issue.