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Thread: M2 ATX Problem

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    hmm if I only knew that earlier, but you dont know why its happening??

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    Quote Originally Posted by vrslider View Post
    Guys, I am already breaking my head around this for 2 days browsed the forums but besides jumpers settings set wrong I could not find my problem..
    When I remove the jumper (mode 0 ) the M2ATX the boards powers up fine and works great..

    But when I put the jumper in postion 2 ( 5sec/2hour ) nothing happens when I turn on the car.

    I verified GND / 12v direct from the battery and the IGN wire delivers 12v when the car is on ACC or running..

    ANY ?? ideas ......please help...


    Try a different mode.

    Using hibernate 5 seconds on the cutt off is too short. Use the 30 second jumper. The 25 second difference with your battery will be fine...
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    I have a Jetway J7F2 and the M2-ATX.

    I can't get the M2-ATX to boot the board... all that happens is the CPU fan twitches once the power is applied and the LED light on the mboard lights up green telling me that the board is getting some power.

    If I try the same thing using a desktop PSU then it boots fine.

    I've used a PSU tester and everything lights except the -5V line.

    I assume that the M2-ATX is faulty????

    I've contacted LinITX today for help as i've only had the board and PSU for a week or so.

    Does anyone know a PSU (such as an Opus) that will fit in the Vroom PC2 enclosuure ? because after reading everything in this thread i'm now not convinced that the M2-ATX was such a good choice?


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    I've now got this working.... My Jetway board also has the mini PCI daughterboard attached to it with an Atheros Wireless LAN card.

    If i'm using a normal 500W desktop PSU then everything works fine.

    If I use the M2-ATX PSU then it fails to start and just twitches the CPU fan.

    When I remove the WLAN card the board boots fine.

    If I replace the WLAN card with an Intel 2200 card the system boots fine.

    So it looks as if the Atheros card is causing a problem, maybe its drawing to much power for the M2-ATX to start or something???

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    I've had my CarPC running for 2 years, and i recently removd the PC from the car for maintenance.

    Now my M2-ATX supply wont even boot correctly...
    I've got what seems like a very simlar issue to alot of people on here, and i've narrowed it down to the following.

    The delay seems to be switching my PC off after its booted. I get 4 seconds of power then i get nothing. Some tines the motherboard has power (5volt i believe) *shrugs*

    I cant retry with the power switch, its dead. But If i removed the delay jumper that sets what time i want the PSU to run for after the INGNITION relay is found then I can powe the PC normally via the On Off switch on the motherboard.

    Everything points to the delay timer being the issue... And to be honest its quite crap that its done this... i thought i had a bad ground, so i tested everything. It seems thats not the issue, I've got the PC running from outside of its housing now. On a wooden desk.

    I've gone through absolutly everything with a multimeter, in hope it was a shorted or even as i previously said a bad gorund...

    No hope... I cant understand it, Its totally stupid!

    If anyone can shine a light upon this it would make my day... I've been ripping my hair out for 2 days stright now...
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    Hi there, I hate my first post having to be a problem I am having and asking for help... but it is. I will try to be as clear as I can but it can be hard sometimes trying to describe what you are experiencing

    I just recently had a carputer built using the M2 ATX, and as it appears a lot of people are having problems so am I.

    My issues I am not even sure if it is the M2 ATX causing the problem but ill aks and lets see if anyone can come up with some solutions.

    So here it goes and the capruter hasn't even made it to the car yet, so far only trying to bench test it with an power supply adapter from mocoso, anyway. When I go to apply 12V to the pc(no other connections, dvd drive etc) it sits for a few seconds then the fan and motherboard kick on and will stay on with no problems.

    Here is where the issues come in, as soon as I apply anything more as far as connections other then a keyboard(eg trying to connect dvd drive) the carputer just shuts down hard. after a few seconds or so it does try to start up again but again shortly after just hard shut down again.

    I cannot seem to figure out what the problem could be other then possibly as soon as I apply anything else needing power it starts to try and draw too much and the M2 ATX cant handle it and is shutting down. I could be totally wrong in that guess but I have no clue.

    I am pulling my hair out here wondering what to do, what to check, and whether or not this power supply is just crap or I am just an idiot lol and missing something.

    in case it will help anyone this is a link to pretty much the exact carputer I have

    any help would be greatly appreciated as I dont want to even try to wire it into the car before I can get it running on the bench and install everyhting I need.


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    If it is the same setup as linked it shouldnt be lack of power from the M2. What is the spec of the power supply adapter your using to supply all this? Can this supply enough 12v power? Have you tried a normal power supply bypassing the M2 altogether?
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    I think that a lot of the issues are with the M2-Atx not being able to provide enough Amps on the 12V & 5V lines. I thought that my issue had been solved by changing the WLAN card, but that was not the case. I've now gone with the M4-Atx & a different case. This power supply give out more Amps & works a treat.

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    similar issue ...

    should i send it back rma?

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    i contacted chis at mo-co-so..i hope ihe will reply me....

    i will do an update of this..

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