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Thread: M2 ATX Problem

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    I had a problem today and I suspect it might be my M2-ATX but I'm not sure yet. I was sitting in my car with the key in the ACC position so my car PC was still running and I had Centrafuse playing my MP3s. It was like this for about 50 minutes. Then I tried to start my car, and the car PC suddenly switched off, and I could hear my starter motor cranking but the car wasn't starting. I tried again, but to no avail. So I pulled out the fuses for the car PC and amplifier, connected my jumper cables to another car and jump started my car and it started without any drama. Since then, the car has been working perfectly. It hasn't struggled to start at all today after the jump start incident. I haven't put my car PC and amplifier fuses back in.

    I've had my M2-ATX for just over a year, and I've had my car for almost 3 years, and this is the first time I've had to jump start this car ever. I'm sure I've had my car PC running with the car off for longer than 50 minutes before, but maybe today was different due to the rain or something.

    Can anyone think of possible causes for this problem? I've never had a problem with my car PC or amplifier not shutting off. The only problem I've had that might be related to this is when I press my power button: it makes the car PC hibernate, and it switches off, and then switches back on straight away. If I press the power button again, it switches the car PC off and it doesn't try to turn itself on again, which is what should happen in the first place. It ALWAYS happens like this if I use the power button. Other than this, I've had no power issues - the PC switches on when I turn the key, and it hibernates after 5 seconds when I turn the key to the OFF position.

    I've tried switched the power button polarity but to no avail. I don't get any engine noise in my sound so I think my ground points are ok. Just FYI, I'm grounding my M2-ATX to the chassis, just behind the dash.

    What I'm also trying to figure out is this: how was my car struggling to start? The battery would've had enough juice in it to keep the car PC running for 50 minutes. The moment I tried to start it, the PC switched off and didn't turn on again. Perhaps it drained the battery to a point where there was only just enough power to keep the PC running, and the moment I cranked (and I understand cranking uses a lot of power), it sucked out the last of the battery's power. Or do you have an alternative explanation?


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    Any News on the M2 ATX?

    This is an old thread, but after reading all 17 pages (since I have the same issue), there still hasn't been a solution posted.

    I had an M2 ATX setup that worked flawlessly for about a year. Then, I had some issues with my monitor. I waited about a month to get my new transflective screen (only change to the system), and now the computer won't post. It does the same thing as has been repeatedly been stated in this thread...twitches the fan every 5 seconds, but won't power up.

    Using a desktop pc PSU, the board boots fine.

    I have swapped out with a different motherboard: no post. I tried different memory: no post. Unplugging all components drawing power: no post. I even bought a new M2 ATX, thinking it was clearly the bad link: still no post! I tested my input voltages from the starter and from the car battery...both give a steady 14V. I tried switching the power cable (polarity), swapping the 20 pin connector between the mobo and psu, and repeatedly hitting the reset button: no post.

    Does anyone know anything yet about this problem?

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