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Thread: M4-ATX + Intel Atom board = melt

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    M4-ATX + Intel Atom board = melt

    So I got these things int he mail, was super excited to get it all hooked up. I plugged it together, had a video signal for a while and even went through the bios setup a few times, then at some point, I think it was after possibly changing a few bios settings and then plugging in a sata laptop drive, I saw a small flash and smelled the telltale smell of a fried circuit board. Its a small chip on the motherboard.

    Awesome. Any ideas? I don't think I could have screwed anything up, it seems pretty straightforward. Could I have misplaced a jumper somehow, or otherwise wired something wrong? Does anyone have this combo?



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    Did you plug the drive in hot? Sata isn't a hot swap port.

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    I wouldn't be surprised the M4 killed it....

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    we know you hate it...

    Quote Originally Posted by WuNgUn View Post
    I wouldn't be surprised the M4 killed it....
    MY M4 has worked as expected for over a year now.

    Have you tried a standard atx power supply?
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