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Thread: Strange M4-ATX problem with Stranger Resolution

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    Strange M4-ATX problem with Stranger Resolution

    Here's a weird one for you. I built a metal case for my carputer and mounted the M4 upside down in the lid. It would run perfectly as long as the lid wasn't all the way closed. When I closed it and tried starting computer the system would shut down in a few seconds without booting. I tried a lot of things. Here's a link to my worklog:
    1988 C4 Corvette

    I finally hooked a usb cable up and ran the M4 ATX utilities. It says I have firmware version 2.0 (I only thought they were up to 1.3).

    The PC booted correctly even with the lid on! I removed and connected the USB cable a half dozen times and it always worked with the USB connected, but never with it disconnected.

    So for you folks having problems with your M4-ATX acting possessed and starting/stopping strangely, either try not using the power on cable, or try connecting a USB cable.


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    I do not have m4 but somewhere I read that mounting holes on the M4 psu have power on them so when you use those holes to screw and mount the PSU on a metal box, make sure you put some plastic or something in the middle of the screws....
    May be they fix this issue now I said that just in case....
    There is nothing impossible in the world :-)

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    Thanks for the reply, that is also one of the things I tried. I actually used nylon screws with nylon stand-offs and had the same exact problem. I was sure that would fix the problem, but was sadly disappointed.


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    im having issues with the M4 big time......i sent the first one back as it barely worked with a VB700mobo....i have an ECS945g that wouldnt work at all with the M4....they sent me a 2nd one, and it didnt do anything with either board.....ive been swapping emails with em all day trying to figure out the deal. I know its not me as ive been screwing with car computing for yrs. keep the info flowing

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