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Thread: M4-ATX 250W Troubleshoot

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    M4-ATX 250W Troubleshoot

    Please tell me which one is the latest version.
    No.1 - This is the I have (Received it 2009/06/25)

    No.2 - This one I see on the forums

    This picture shows the difference between the two. Look at the 8 pin IC above the grey block (coil) on the first pic (only one & second pic two IC's)
    The little black resistor or cap next to JP1 on the second pic is missing on the first pic).
    The three bic capacitors above the blue connector and the two to the left to it are also different.

    My M4 died after 6 months.
    I need to know what type of diodes is next to the blue connector. It is marked as D4 on the board. It is the two black blocks next to the fuse and grey block.
    The markings on it is MCC with BFE just below.
    I measure 12V on the top solder point of the top one and on the bottom solder point on the bottom one. Nothing in the middle.

    Is their someone who have some testing points?

    Thank you

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    I believe the one with the single IC is the latest one. I have two M4's, one I just received and they both only have 1 IC.

    Also, I tried to identify the two diodes when I burned up my first M4 by accident. I thought I had it figured out and ordered some diodes off the net. The ones I received were bigger than those on the mother board. It took me a long time to find something that interpreted what MCC and BFE meant. MCC refers to the company Micro Commercial Components and BFE referred to the rating of the diode. I just tried searching again, but can't find it. I believe it is called a "Bi-directional 1500W Surface Mount Transient Voltage Supressor" with part number smcj26ca. The diodes I received in the mail were marked GFE which appears to be the uni-directional version, part number smcj26a.

    Ooh, I think I just found it on the MCC website.

    I didn't order from these guys so maybe you'll have better luck getting it from the manufacturer. I may try it again just to see if that truly is my problem, although I don't really need 2 M4's. Maybe a backup would be good. This thing seems really flaky.


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    Thank you Ron

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