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Thread: M4-ATX Software? Does it work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmay33 View Post
    I have the usb cable connected and am getting the voltage and temp information from the m4 so the connection is good.

    I have been trying to update the Thump setting from 3000ms to 45000ms. I click send and nothing happens. I believe its supposed to show some message that its worked?

    When I next fire up the car the amp comes on after 3 secs. But when I run the M4 software again it says the setting is 45000ms.

    I am using the thump pin that is inside the plug with the usb and mb on/off pins. Should I use the other header (J8)?

    The software says I am running firmware 2.1

    Anyone know whats going on?
    I have the same problem with my M4. I sent e-mails to Mini-Box and finally received a reply. I've posted my e-mail and their reply below. and if I've done it right the new firmware should also be attached. I haven't used the new firmware because I found ways around the problem before they responded, but the M4 working correctly would definitely have been best.

    Good Luck,

    (e-mail from Mini-box 5/18/2011)
    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for contacting us and your interest in our products! We are sorry for the late reply. Have you tested another timing mode and see if you can change the thump timeout? Can you please reset the power supply? Just in case, i have attached the latest firmware for the M4-ATX power supply. Looking forward for your reply.

    On Thu, 28 Apr 2011, xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
    > Hello, I've been using an M4-ATX for over a year and have always had a
    > problem with the timing of the anti-thump feature. I sent an e-mail
    > last year but never received a response. I'm hoping you may have a solution now.
    > The problem is, I'm not able to change the timing for the thump timeout.
    > When the ignition is turned on the anti-thump signal is sent at 3
    > seconds, then the PC is turned on at 5 seconds and I get a loud thump
    > through the amplifier. The configuration software appears to be
    > working because the values I enter for the delay stay in its
    > configuration even after shutdown and I can also see the voltage and
    > temperature readings in real-time. I've tried numerous values for the delay without any effect on the actual timing.
    > I've also tried setting the value and then removing power without any
    > success. I have the 2.1 version of the firmware. Is there anything I
    > can do to make the anti-thump delay change?
    > Thanks
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