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Thread: How to turn on m4-atx without a pc to power acccesories.

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    How to turn on m4-atx without a pc to power acccesories.

    SO all i need it two 5v rails and a 12 v rail to tap into. I had a killer carpc and decided to take it indoors as a desktop pc instaed. Now i just want to power the screen with 12 v, and two 5v lil devices. Problem is i took a voltomoeter to the m4 atx while it has a voltage going to its ignition input. And all it outputs is two 5 v. and the fan doesn't turn on so i assume its not starting up. so i'm wondering is how I can get it to act like its powering a pc so i can get the clean voltage i need, obviously without a pc.
    much thanks in advance

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    You need to short the PWOK pin to GND.

    On a normal ATX PSU this would be the Green Wire to any Black Wire.

    I have a M4ATX and this is what I have done in the past (also have a number of standard ATX PSU's I have done this with)

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