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Thread: Intel Rapid start

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    Intel Rapid start

    Hi guys,
    I've installed the Intel Rapid start and tested it by sending the windows to sleep in the shutdown menu.
    But the problem occurs when I turn the ignition off or in other words, when the M4 ATX sends the computer to sleep.
    When the M4 sends the windows to sleep, it doesn't hibernate to the ssd drive, in fact when I turn the ignition on, the computer try to boot few times and gives an error that there was a problem with post or something like that..
    The only way I could successfully send the windows to sleep (S3) and activate the Intel Rapid start is by turn the ignition off and quickly turn it on as soon as it start the sleep mode.. (after 5-6 seconds, because the M4 is in mode 1). the computer finishing the sleep procedure and keeps sleeping until I turn the ignition off and on again, it quickly boots into windows (4-5 seconds)...

    Any idea why?



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    Intel Rapid Start (IRS) is mainly a software component with interaction with the BIOS. How it works is, IRS determines what exactly is necessary to run Windows and what isn't. Whatever isn't necessary, IRS flushes from the RAM, reducing the amount of data stored in the RAM. IRS then puts the computer into "Sleep" mode. The RAM still needs to be powered on at this stage. While in Sleep, IRS copies the data from the RAM to the SSD and then the system enters hibernation mode, requiring no power usage whatsoever.

    The problem occurs, to prevent your car battery from draining, the M4-ATX will perform a hard power cut off after 1 minute. At this stage, the computer still needs to be left powered on for a bit longer. When the M4-ATX shuts the power off, the computer is still in sleep and has not entered hibernation.

    Two choices to fix really. First option and would be the best, is force IRS to enter hibernation straight away somehow through software.
    Second option, increase the duration of time the M4-ATX will continue to supply power to peripherals, therefore allowing the system to enter hibernation. This isn't a preferred option as it can drain your car battery, giving you problems!
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    Are you sure you have the right selection made in power options of the OS for "what to do when the power button is pushed"
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    Thanks for the reply guys,
    The problem is from the M4 side since I tried to put the computer to sleep by taking the power button lead from the atx side and short the wires manually (causing the MB to think that the power button was pressed), the computer went to sleep, the rapid start worked, the M4 didn't cut the power.
    The problem occurs only when ignition is turned off from the M4 side...

    I tried to change the hard off in the settings prior opening the thread, from 60 seconds to 90 seconds... no luck.

    Also, the Rapid start takes less than 30 seconds.. the thing is, just like Big K said, the rapid start turns on the computer for a second or 2 immediately after turning off (sleeping), the M4 doesn't let it to start on for those 2 seconds it needs..

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