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Thread: mac mini with extra battry

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    mac mini with extra battry

    hi guys
    i have an idea can i use the extra battry that come with laptobs and u can conect it to the car ?(i mean mac min+battry rechargable+cabel conect to the car)
    but the the problom that i am facing that the mac mini his power like usb cable
    any idea???????

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    I don't know, can you?

    1. What is the voltage of the battery? What voltage does the Mini require?

    2. How would you charge the laptop battery?

    3. What issues are there that you may have to deal with when connecting a battery inline with a car power supply?

    4. Why would you want to do this? What advantage do you gain vs. an alternative arrangement? Would you use a tank circuit or would you power the Mini from the battery itself?

    Lay out the alternatives and you'll see some of the issues. Hint: search for information on tank circuits. There's even some information in the FAQ to the FAQs in the FAQ Emporium.
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    It is possible, Google around, a MacMini on battery power has been done before. After all the Mac Min is just a powerbook in a different box.
    But you will need some electronics skill to do it, you can't just wire batteries to the input socket and expect it to work very long.

    The mini uses around 18 volts at the power input, and a typical lithium battery is around 3 volt. So you need at least 6 lithium batteries of a large enough capacity to keep it running for 'x' amount of time.

    Also, laptop batteries, like all lithium batteries has a relatively short number of recharge cyles. Depending on the battery between 1000 to 2000 recharge cycles. Since you are not restricted on charging power or on space, a lead acid battery will last much longer.

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