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Thread: How to improve audio in Boot Camp?

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    How to improve audio in Boot Camp?

    All -

    Just testing with my Mac Mini carpc, and after having some strangeness in Parallels, I decided to try Boot Camp first, thinking it would be more straightforward while I learn my way around the Apple hardware. The Sigmatel Audio Control Panel within BC 1.2 is very basic however. I am trying to use an optical SPDIF connection from my Mini to my amp (which has an optical in), but I am testing on my home receiver for now because it is near my workbench and has optical in.

    Sound is coming out of the Mini speaker and also the left front speaker on the receiver. I see no way to test 5.1 sound or correct the issue. Can anyone recommend a way to get proper 5.1 sound out via optical out under Boot Camp 1.2?


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    How does it behave when booted to OS X?

    Two things that come to mind. One, there's probably a forum somewhere where this and other bootcamp issues are discussed - there may be a good one on

    Two, I wonder if you can find a more full featured driver for that sound controller. Sigmatel is a pretty common on board audio solution and I see it a lot when I reinstall XP on a variety of PCs. I don't know if Apple's version of that controller would be compatible with a generic or other manufacturer's driver. Might be worth a shot.

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