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Thread: Wireless USB won't start at boot!

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    Wireless USB won't start at boot!

    I have managed to properly configure my Belkin MIMO G wireless adapter to setup an ad hoc network. It will work fine, but when I reboot, the SSID disappears and I can't reconnect without unplugging and plugging in the adapter first.

    Usually, the belkin driver starts a program when it detects the adapter being plugged in. I added that program to my setup items, and it starts at boot, but the wireless network still doesn't appear until I unplug and replug the adapter. Any ideas?

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    what hardware config are you using? e.g. mini running osx, bootcamp, etc

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    And how is it attached to the Mini? Is it attached to Mini directly? A hub that is attached to the Mini? A hub powered by you power supply?

    If it is not powered from the Mini's bus, it could be that the Mini is not seeing it when it wakes up/boots when you start the car. I saw this with my external sound card when it was off my P5V powered hub. Once I plugged it directly into the Mini, all was well.

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    I'm running it on OSX with a ppc processor. It's connected directly to the mini, with a small extension cord. All the testing I've done so far with the usb wifi is outside of the car. I want to make sure everything works in my house before I move it in the car.

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    No other ideas? I guess I should take it back then and maybe for another wifi adapter.

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