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Thread: Got a free clamshell ibook

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    Got a free clamshell ibook

    hey guys i got a free clamshell ibook from a friend and he has a network password on login and we dont know how to get past it. what is the easiest way to swipe the hard drive and put a fresh copy of osx on? i plan on using it for a car pc.

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    could you insert the OSX CD and reboot? I think you press command + H or something maybe? i dunno if that will get past the password though

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    i really dont know where to begin, it takes about 5 minutes to start up

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    hold down on C w/ an OS X INSTALL CD in. Not a restore CD. two very different things. Most likely though the clamshell wouldnt have an OS X restore cd because it shipped w/ OS 8.6 and OS 9. OS X is fairly heavy for such an old machine. Any idea how much RAM you have?
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    How about asking the person who gave it to you (or your friend) for the password?

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    @wsurritte: i will try this once I get my hands on a osx install cd. notice how I said CD... the ibook has a cd-rom rive, do they even make osx on a cd? or is it only on dvd? the ram hasn't been upgraded so whatever the standard amount of ram is, is what it has. I will also try and get some more ram as I know osx needs much more.

    @ODYSSEY: My friend got it from an auction and the computer was a student login computer so it has a network password; user name and password.

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    If you can get your hands on a 10.2 or 10.3 cd then yes, it's on cd.

    Try this.

    restart your computer, hold down Command-S and once you get a command prompt, type in the following:

    /sbin/fsck -y [Enter]
    /sbin/mount -uaw [Enter]
    rm /var/db/.applesetupdone [Enter]
    reboot [Enter]

    Now you get the cool first boot stuff so you can set up your user account.
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    It's installed by default on every version of Windows.

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    If you have the OSX disks, from Panther, all that you do is boot up from the disk, and install the OS.

    If you have a hard drive that is over 8GB, you will need to partition it.

    You do this by opening Disk Utility, clicking on your hard drive, and then split it into two partitions - One has to be 8GB or less to install Panther.

    Leave the rest as free space.

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