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Thread: homemade macbook dock - anyone made it?

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    Sorry, didn't originally see that when I had posted :-( I'm use to the MacBook pro where the optical is in the front of the machine and not on the right side like the Macbook.

    I had no real issue with the magpower. The bookends has a little clip and when you place the laptop in, 75% of the time they will catch and connect when you dock. The issue is the handle to undock is on the BACK of the unit.

    It will just have to be built from scratch :-(
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    With Insomnia you can close laptop

    When you install and run a programm called insomnia, you can close the laptop and keep it running without any application stopping to run. i use it a lot on my macbook and macbook pro during downloads, when i am on the road. i just make sure my phone is tethered to the macbook (iphone 3G with AT&T - just change carrier file - no crack needed - enables tethering via usb and bluetooth) and then i am ready to go.

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    For DC supply I recommend you the Carnetix for MacMini if you choose to go that route.

    It has tone of possibilities and can power ....pretty much everything!!
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