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Thread: Help Me Plz

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    Help Me Plz

    hey, trying to save a bit of money, i have a old mac, the ones with the funky colord backs.

    my question ,

    1. could it be used to run a microsoft car pc install

    2. the only problem i would see is the screen output, its not a std pc thingie, could it be modified

    does any1 know hoe to do this???

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    No and no.

    Oh OK:

    1) It is a PowerPC based machine & probably pretty slow. The only way to run Windows on PowerPC is Microsofts virtual PC which is also extremely slow. Even if it would run it'd be so slow as to be unuseable.

    2) That is an Apple Display Connector and you can connect to VGA....if you want to part with $100 for an adapter.
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    I totally agree

    Pip is dead right. I wouldn't even attempt what you are saying.

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