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Thread: Mac front end controlling elec servos and all temp controls?

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    Well, a DC stepper motor would work. The important thing is to ensure that the software stays informed or otherwise accurately knows the current position of the temperature door. Most automotive manufacturers use servos fitted with potentiometer position feedback for this purpose. You will find that analog output or PWM output is not very readily available for computer IO devices. There is one upcoming option that I know of. Many automotive HVAC servos use discrete levels of voltage to drive the servo in a given direction or hold the servo stationary. The servo I'm using requires 5v to open, 2.5v to hold and 0v to close. That's a bit easier to control than analog or stepper.

    As far as bypassing... are you looking to have your system maintain a user selected temperature, and behave something like a factory automatic HVAC system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamgnat View Post
    The simple answer is to have a motor drive the existing cable system, but it will need to have some decent torque to it.
    Any motor used in a automatic climation system have the right torque.
    If you see on eBay in Motor section, you find easily this part. The price is very low (60 euro a new part in Audi Enviroment) 10-20 euro as used part.
    This motor is a 12V coil and a 5 or 10Kohm for the potenziometer as feedback in 5 total independent wire. With some little electronic you can interface this motor to the Phidget.
    Normally the total run of this actuator is a rotation of the arm of 90...

    The total current at the end of the run (and under full torque) is 200 mA....

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    Quote Originally Posted by booksix View Post
    All I have to do to access the temp blend door is pull my glovebox out and yes, there's plenty of room for a motor. I've been wanting it for a long time so I know this already. Would a simple RC type servo work? Or what servo's would be the type listed? What's the difference?

    And what would I be bypassing? Maybe I'm missing something in there with my thinking...
    Yes, a regular RC servo will work. You can get 90 degrees out of them. As far as how much torque you need from the servo, move the actuator with your hand. If it is reasonably easy to move, a standard servo will work. If you want to be sure, buy a high torque servo. Prices range from $20-$60 for a servo. Here's a link
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