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Thread: Fixed Ground, How to fix screech?

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    It might work. Everyone seems to have an opinion about using them though

    Personally the ones i've used have seemed to flatten the sound out enough that I notice it on the highs and lows, so i'd rather do any number of other options than deal with that. Other people use them and are perfectly happy though so YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_Beard View Post
    and using a GLI is impractical, right?
    A GLI will work, but such bandages will severely degrade audio quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_Beard View Post
    Oh jeez. It does NOT go away when I mute the music on the Mac. It remains. Meant to say that in the beginning.

    Its not the mac's output because it works in the house no problem.

    However, when the SIRIUS is on, the screech is gone, just a faint Alternator Whine. The SIRIUS is hooked up to the Cig Lighter.

    Something having to do with the Mac. But not a faulty output.
    Also, both outputs do it on the Mini. There's one for the headphones, then something else, they both do it.. Figure I'd mention that.
    Almost certainly a ground loop. Grounding the Mac to your chassis didn't fix the problem. Remember that ground loops occur because of a difference in resistance between grounding points. One approach is to ground everything to the same point to decrease that difference. That usually works.

    I have experienced the same intermittent screech on my system as you, so I feel your pain. It was fixed when i grounded the system properly.
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