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Thread: Mac Mini hard drive crash

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    Mac Mini hard drive crash

    So i had my mac mini in the car for about a month befor ethe hard drive crashed. I new it would one day but never thought it would happen this fast. So how expensive is this to fix and do you think i could bring it to the apple store an pretend like i have no clue what happened. How can i prevent this from happening again cause if theres no for sure way i might as well get a pc in a case.

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    hard drives aren't supposed to be in a car, full stop. They just aren't designed for the rough ride... flash memory would be ideal! I guess get another hdd and try again?

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    Sounds unusual. I've had mine in and around the car for about two years and had no problems. I haven't seen anyone report this problem either.

    You can probably replace the HDD pretty easily yourself. There are tutorials on the web. Plus, you can speed it up by getting a 5200 rpm drive.
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    Mine failed right about a year after I put it in. I pulled the Y connector for the P1900 out and took it back to the Apple store. They replaced the drive (and also a bad logic board that was giving me issues with the DVD drive) no questions asked.

    Hard drives are finicky things. You could have hit a bad bump at just the wrong time, or you could have just gotten a bum drive (it happens). I wouldn't worry about it too much unless the replacement of your replacement fails too in a very short period of time.

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    It's not a matter of if a hard drive is going to die but rather when - even if the hard drive is sitting stationary.

    If its not under warranty (used for example) I'd recommend replacing it with a Seagate EE25 series drive - or if you need more capacity just a Seagate. They're generally known as being one of the more reliable hard drives. You cannot beat the 5 year warranty either.

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    well as I stated I expected it to go just not as fast as it did. Thanks for the replies im going to take it back this weekend.

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    Solid State HDD are great. I read somewhere that they were first used in Jet fighters. I think 64GB is among the highest and they are still pricy but more durable.

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