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Thread: Intel Mac Mini What need to do?

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    Intel Mac Mini What need to do?

    I have always wanted to put a Intel Mac Mini in the glove box of a 69 Nova when I get my license. What would I have to do to prepare it for mounting in the glove box. I am going to hook it up to a Touch screen. (I dont know the brand yet.) I am going to permenantly mount it, so I figure I will need to hook the power up to a Carputer Converter (What is the best for a Mac Mini?) that will automatically turn the Mini on and off so I dont need a switch. I am also going to disable the Mini's speaker and somehow hook it up to the speakers in the Nova (Any ideas how?) I want to be able to use it as a GPS, Get FM radio, Maybe get TV, and be able to play my Ipod Video songs through it. I dont want to keep my iTunes on it. This sounds stupid but maybe there is a sensor and program to use it as a Radar Detector? I am going to use front row if that helps. I am also going to hook up a 11 port USB hub outside the glove box for other things. I am going to get internet through Verizon. Anyhting else I will need to do to prepare it for use?

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    Watch the video in the link in my signature. It's a how to for the Mac Mini.

    Also, search the wiki for mac info. There's also a how to install a mac mini in the FAQ emporium.
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