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@Hardware: You can no longer argue that mac hardware makes a mac better. There is no argument available anymore. A mac is a pc now. They use standard off the shelf Intel processors instead of the ibm processors of days past. They use standard off the shelf 2.5" sata drives now. They use standard laptop drives. There is absolutely no difference.

As far as software, like I said, both are stable when installed. OSX "supports" limited hardware because macs use only certain type of hardware because the OS comes with the PC. OSX supports a lot more hardware than what they officially support which is good.
Well, I don't get it, then. If the Mac uses all standard hardware, how exactly is it that it supports limited hardware? I can and do buy PC drives, cases, keyboards, mice and so forth that I use on my Mac with no issues at all. The only time this is a problem is when it requires a driver, so while I can, for example, plug a USB device like a printer into the Mac and see it, I can't always print to it. Just like Vista.

If you mean things like I can't use Fusion Brain on it, that's true. But that is a specialized piece of hardware and a very good argument for why you might want to run Windows on a CarPC.

As for backwards compatibility, well, I can run anything all the way back to OS 9 which is pretty ancient. Everything else can be run on an emulator.

I think we have been pretty respectful of each other as a community because we're all experimenters. I'm going to close this thread not because it is out of control but precisely because it isn't. I think we've aired out the differences enough for the OP.