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Thread: 07 G35 w/ Mac Mini Help

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    07 G35 w/ Mac Mini Help

    Alright...I saw a 2006 M45 with a Mac Mini installed, but all they used was the composite inputs in the armrest. I've pretty much determined everything I'm going to use below:

    Mac Mini Intel
    Logitech diNovo Mini for keyboard/mouse
    Cell phone with unlimited data access as a modem (Verizon)
    Griffin iTrip for sound input

    That pretty much covers what I want to accomplish - web browsing for the passenger, and ability to access all of the Mac's applications to play music from iTunes, etc. Here's the main problem - I would like to use Front Row to control all of my music, since the interface is the nicest looking. I was originally going to just use the Apple remote and call it a day, using the A/V inputs and basically making my install a 30 minute bang up job with some wire-hiding. But then I thought about it, and my car has a built-in touch screen. What would I need to do in order to use the touch screen with Front Row Remote in order to control pause, back, forward, etc. all just by touch? Can I still have it installed via the A/V inputs, or am I going to have to rip apart my dash?

    Thanks in advance.

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    That all depends on the built-in unit. Most units don't give you easy access to the touch screen, though there are a few (the Prius is the only one I actually know of for certain though). Even if you can access the TS, it is doubtful that you can get it to act like a TS design for a "real" computer (e.g. not a task specific job like a Nav system).

    You mention using the A/V input and I am guessing that you are referring to feeding the video in that was as well. If so, know that while it is possible most people are not happy with it at all. The problem is that an A/V screen doesn't have a good enough resolution to display your standard computer display. For FrontRow you might be happy enough with it, but web browsing will be slightly better than useless as normal text is where most of the problems are seen. Just something to consider if you haven't looked into that issue yet and i'm sure BugByte will be by shortly with his links to threads about this topic

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    Doesn't your car have audio control on your steering wheel? If so just get a Car2PC adapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d0tech View Post
    Doesn't your car have audio control on your steering wheel? If so just get a Car2PC adapter.
    Good idea. I'll look into that as well.

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    Will Car2PC work on a Mac? From the web site, I didn't locate any Mac drivers.
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