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Thread: Mac Front end for a an older machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbevis View Post
    Probably has to do with my machine running 10.3.9 huh....sigh....I must absorb replies, not just read them...
    I do the same thing, don't feel bad. I'll look into the installer though as I didn't think it would allow an install on sub 10.4.

    I'll find a webernet connection and update....I wonder how Leopard would run on this pig....maybe I'll bring it home with me and find out...
    I never noticed much difference between 10.3 and 10.4 as far as performance goes, though if you dump a lot of files on your disk at once Spotlight will eat up all your CPU chugging through it. 10.5, on the other hand, I would not recommend.

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    10.4 should actually be faster in most cases. especially in booting.

    10.4s launchd is so much better and more efficient than 10.3s init, initd, rc, about 10 more processes... definitely go to 10.4 I/the company I work for had 10.4 on all its macs even the old "sawtooth" g4s we now run 10.5 but we finally dumped the old g4s and now only have g5s and up

    also, what (aside from the os) makes all the current FEs unacceptable on old hardware? using the qt framework (pretty sure all FEs use that wether directly or indirectly through itunes) to decode music/video takes just as much cpu no matter what program is doing it...
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    You can't run Leopard on anything less than 867MHz G4 anyway so that's out of the question. I'd go with 10.4 - it's much more supported, stable, and faster than 10.3 was.

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