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Thread: HQCT or RadioShark

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    HQCT or RadioShark

    I'm planning to put a mac mini in my car, so far I've got the mac mini, carnetix power supply and xenarc touchscreen, which I'm modifying at the moment to get it fitted in my car.

    The only hardware I still need is an amplifier and a fm receiver. (I don't have space for a separate head unit.) I'm doubting between getting a RadioShark or HQCT (in case of the HQCT I would go for one integrated with an amplifier to save space.)

    The pro's of the wireshark is that it runs in osx, but I've heard bad things about the reception and I don't know hat the software will be like. If I'm goibg for the HQCT module I'd have of course to use parallels.

    Any suggestions?

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    You heard right about the RadioShark's reception. I saw a thread quite awhile ago where the guy hacked the RadioShark and put an external antenna on it but am unsure whether that helped the reception or not.

    Regardless, the HQCT is a better receiver.
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    I haven't been on the CarPC seen much recently, but I've seen HD add-on radio kits that you can control with a computer, they pick up both analog and digital AM & FM radio and they're cheaper than the HQCT. Did I see that right. If so it's probably going to be the BEST option to go with as long as the technology works where you live.

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    HD is not available here, I also read that the fm tuning might be a problem and it's got an RS232 connection (I would need to use an USB to Serial adapter.) At the other hand reviews on the sound quality are very good!

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