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Thread: Installing a Macmini in a Pontiac g6

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    Installing a Macmini in a Pontiac g6

    Im looking for a way to do this, as the factory stereo unit in the G6 has no aux inputs to get sound from the stereo and im not sure if there is any stereo input jacks on the back of the stereo .I know i could always get a new stereo but then ide lose alot of features my car has to offer using the factory stereo, i hear there is a way to hook up through a amp but then ide have to open the dash and doors to get to the speakers wiring correct? If anyone knows of a easier way to do any of this , such as ipod fm transmitter maybe? No clue just shooting out ideas. Thanks to any replies

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    Go to and use their car stereo input adaptor finder. You can input your car's make and model and particulars and find out the aux input solution.

    It appears that a JL Audio CL-SES will work, but I'm not sure.
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    thanks very much for your info ill look now

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    Hey crzunch any luck on the install? im getting a G6 soon too and am lookin on installing a mini too. Any pics? Any major problems?

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