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Thread: Some dev work wanted

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    Some dev work wanted

    We want to enhance the support for Bluetooth mobile phone controls in QCar. So far it is done using AT commands and separate plug-ins/scripts for each mobile phone, which we feel is insufficient, since only a few phones are supported.

    The best way appears to be a full emulation of handsfree hardware on the Mac OS X. The idea is following:
    • Software written in ObjC (or at least wrapped in ObjC if some C/C++ is necessary)
    • Must work with standard Apple Bluetooth hardware
    • Must transparently emulate a carkit class device (and preferably headset as well)
    • Must use computer's audio in and out for sound
    • Must provide the following functionality:
      - Retrieve phone information (call status, network status, battery, whatever is available)
      - Generate event/notification on: Incoming call, Incoming message, Phone available/unavailable
      - Accept call
      - Refuse call
      - Dial a given number
      - Mute the ringer
      - Redial the last number
      - Initiate voice dialling (with phones that support this function)
    • No GUI is required
    • Contact synchronization is not required
    • Unless absolutely necessary, only standard Apple frameworks should be used

    We will pay USD 5.000 for a working prototype with source code and all the transferrable rights (including the right to decide on license we use for distribution) and after that we will pay additional USD 5 for each copy of product using this code that we sell. If more people come with a solution, only the first one gets paid though ;-)

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    wow. is that supposed to be 5,000 us dllars cause you have a period and i wasnt sure...
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!

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    Ups, right, of course it is five thousand US dollars, I forgot about the comma vs dot, sorry.

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    crazy americans, don't know foreign currency...

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