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Thread: Griffin Firewave on sale and on its way out

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    So does this actually improve SQ or just allow the sound to convert to 5.1? Would it be worth doing something like this and then adding something like I mentioned before like a RF 3sixty or JL Audio cleansweep?

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    I don't have a point of reference to make the comparison, I never ran sound straight from my mini. If you don't care about 5.1 then don't bother. There are issues with the software, like forgetting the settings after a reboot that were bothersome.

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    I assume that most people who are using the FireWave are looking for front/rear left/right fade? If so, this is NOt the device you are looking for. It is really designed to provide 5.1 output in a home stereo type configuration, whereas the rear level is based on the +/- gain of the front level. This is based on the current drivers control panel/extension that Griffin provides.

    If someone can write their own drivers to properly allow front/rear , left/right fade this would be a great device.


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