I've added a forum for Amp 2/AmpXM. This is Aychamo's 'Kindling' media program that was sometimes called AmpTV. When he stopped developing it, he graciously open sourced it and friend of mine and I have been using it in the car. It allows for use of XM and radio, but it is kludgy. I've had a few requests for it and I thought I ought to open it to the community.

When the winter sets in, I may work on it a little bit. Until then, if you wish, the code is open source and details on where it is are in the forum.

The primary advantage to this FE over others for me is that it can be completely controlled using a Griffin Powermate rather than a touch screen. It works very well with just the 6 functions of the Powermate and I never have to use a mouse or touch screen to operate it.