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Thread: Preventing a dead battery

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    Preventing a dead battery

    I was speaking with someone today who was having trouble with their battery draining due to sleeping their Mac. Somehow, the machine wakes up and the PSU doesn't shut it down before the battery is too dead to start the car. This has been a long standing problem for him.

    I asked him if he was using SleepTimeOut and he asked what that was. SleepTimeOut was written by member Eric Brown and does exactly what it says - it shuts your computer down after sleeping for a user-specified time.

    I've set it to 2 hours so that if I'm just getting gas or ducking into a store, the Mac sleeps for 2 hours then shuts down. I often travel on business using my car and the last thing I need when I'm heading out of the hotel to a business meeting is to find out my car battery is dead. This app works well for that type of purpose (although I always shut the Mac off manually to be SURE).

    Anyhow, it is kind of an old app but still works on my PPC G4 Mini under Leopard. YMMV but I thought I'd alert others to it in case they didn't know about it.

    Developers - this would be a cool feature in a front end. I'm just saying.
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    Developers - this would be a cool feature in a front end. I'm just saying.
    I agree.

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