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Thread: I'm off

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    I'm off

    Hi all,
    I haven't been active around here for awhile and i've let CarFrontEnd atrophy and pretty much die, and I apologize for both.

    Between work and life, I just haven't had the time or interest in working on CFE and now i've been having electrical issues in my Escape since November and been driving around with out any kind of stereo since late December (when it's been driving ). I've really found that I don't even want to bother slapping the Mini back in, i'm just going to pick up a cheap-ish head unit that isn't offensive and plays nice with my iPod.

    I've had a lot of fun here and in my car over the last few years, but time marches on. I'm sure i'll get the itch to stick a Mac back in my car in a few years, but for now i'm calling it quits.

    So thanks for all the fun and hopefully i'll see some/all of you again in the future.

    If anyone does have questions regarding CFE, feel free to email me (updated my profile) and i'll be happy to help out.

    My pathetic worklog.
    CarFrontEnd (now it's own sub-forum!!!!)

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    sorry to hear you go. good luck with everything, we will look forward to seeing you eventually come back to the lightside
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