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Thread: Using Audi MMI screen for VGA output??

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    Using Audi MMI screen for VGA output??

    Hi all,

    We just got ourselves an Audi A4 (B8) with MMI, Sat-nav Plus (I believe it's "Plus"), AMI etc. What's the best possible way to use the OEM 7" screen for car computing. I see it supports 1 external A/V inputs but does it always have to the A/V type connection? Is there any way to feed VGA (or DVI, even better) directly (and also *not* doing a complete rip apart)?

    Thanks in advance, Cheers!!!

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    unfortunatly, i have never heard of someone succesfully using the factory screen to display vga/dvi input. At least not without a major modification. to be honest this post would be better answered in the lcd/monitors subforums. good luck though.
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