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Thread: new mac mini with old carnetix mac mini cable

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    new mac mini with old carnetix mac mini cable

    I have just ordered the mac mini cable for a carnetix 2140 power supply. The cable mentions not working with the new mac mini(made after march 09.) It says that most of the cable is the same just a revision with the power button plug.

    Does anyone know if I can still use the cable on the new one?? I am considering hardwiring the carnetix adapter cable to the wiring for the button.. Has anyone tried or tested this??

    Thanks for any input or experiences!

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    Hmm, since no one posted here, I guess I'll do it, then.
    I tried the cables on both my Intel mac mini, and my colleague's '09 mini.
    The MacPac cable does work with both machines. The Power Y-Cable does not work on the '09 mini. So much so, that the original Power Button didn't turn on the mini with the Y-Cable connected...
    And I had to tell him that nothing was wrong with his computer.

    If you want to connect the MacPac and wait til november for your Y-cable, then that's cool. But right now, all you have is the MacPac cable, and that will work for you.

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    Anyone hear any updates on the new cable? I just checked the carnetix website and didn't see anything.

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    FYI I just found a pre-order from the mp3car store with a ship date of 10 December 2009. Im just going to wait, for now I manually power up the mini.

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