Hi Everybody,

I'm a not real smart newbie.....

I have a new mac, elo touch screen, wiring harness, joto desk, and carnetics power supply. All brand new and sitting right over there on the table and just begging to be installed. Do I need the powered USB port? I have a super custom '09 chevy 4x4 truck that has been totally customized. I'm in Dallas Texas and looking for THE RIGHT GUY for the job. I would like to find someone locally who has the ability to install this hardware for me and make it look like it grew in the truck. Any suggestion who the right guy for the job is? I am not looking for a "ROOKIE" or a 1st timer with a mac install. No offense intended but this is a show truck and I'm wanting top notch install and the hardware didn't even come with a wiring diagram. So, I'm thinking I need a pro...... A guy needs to know his limitations and this is WAY over my head.

Any suggestions how I can make this install better are suggestions for additional products would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all of you,

Contact Mike 817-808-5733 [email protected]