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Thread: Help Me put a Mac in My Van

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    Help Me put a Mac in My Van

    First off let me introduce myself, I am a gear head who has plenty of time and posts on other forums. I have an install coming up for my 2005 econoline van and would like some advice. My thoughts would be to replace the stock double din with

    Then in the stock doghouse I have a large enough opening to mount a mac mini and head-unit. My problems so far is finding a head-unit which utilizes the input from the mac for music off of itunes and can also do hd radio, xm or sirius. Also need a solution for a backup camera since the screen I chose says it doesn't have the wire. All help is appreciated and if I can get answers soon I'm ready to start ordering the necessary parts.

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    Well went ahead and ordered a few pieces off of the store here. Will post pictures of the install that I will do this weekend.

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