Hi all,

I have a mac running OSX leopard in my car with a Xenarc 705TSV touchscreen. If I send the computer into screensaver mode manually I can wake it w/ the touchscreen by touching it, but if I cycle the ignition the computer goes into screensaver mode and the touchscreen no longer works until I reboot. This is especially annoying when I have the car in accessory mode and start it, obviously the power cycles briefly, but the computer stays running. When the screen comes back on after being off for that brief second the computer is in screensaver mode and the touchscreen no longer works. It's also really annoying if I have the car started and I just want to turn it off and run into a store and back out in like a minute, I will come back out and the power hasn't been off long enough for the PSU to send the shutdown signal so the computer is still running, but again when the screen turns back on it's in screensaver mode and the touchscreen doesn't work. Touching it just does nothing.

Hopefully this thread isn't too all over the place cause I'm typing it quickly on my way out the door, but ... any ideas? Thanks!