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Thread: Axiom Mac Front End Where'd it Go?

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    Axiom Mac Front End Where'd it Go?


    So I live down under in New Zealand and finally managed to get a Xenarc In Dash Touchscreen for my vehicle but can't find Axiom to download anymore? has it been pulled from the Mac App Store ? and can't download Trial from BlueHawkSoultion website either, really wanted to use this front end for my in Car Experience, as don't know of any other current options out there for a Mac Front End.

    Not sure what to do now......


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    Axiom Basic for the Mac is still available from the Mac App Store... At least here in the US.
    I use it currently, and I enjoy it to the max!! If you wish, contact Blue Hawk Solutions, and let them know you want it in New Zealand.
    Here's the US info.
    All systems are a go...
    Currently in "tweaking" mode.

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