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Thread: The Mac OS (10.3/4) AS a carputer frontend...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte
    I can check code out just fine. Tons of files stream by and it creates the project where I asked it to. I then open the files in XCode and edit them, generally they are applescript changes, but sometimes changes to main.nib.

    When I use the "commit" command, I am told by CVS that there is no version checked out and therefore nothing to commit. I've done some basic research on this and it MAY be related to the fact that the CVS wrappers are a problem but I don't really know.
    make sure you have your $CVSHOME set correctly, and you're checking out, rather than exporting, from cvs.

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    *backhands self*

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    Does that have you going then?

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    Wanted to answer some questions...

    For those asking about .NET and Mac OS X... the idea of taking a System.Windows.Forms GUI .NET program and running it native on Mac OS X with no changes is aways off... System.Windows.Forms is being rewritten to use native backends on the targeted platforms. This will take some time. I am a Mono contributor and I know there is a lot to be done still.

    I am working on a Cocoa Native application port of Mobile Media Center right now. The skinning system is almost complete and the audio engine is working very well. I will keep you posted. We will need testers when I get closer to a usable product.

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    The darwine (darwin port of wine) project also looks good. It this stage it can run win32 code that is compiled on PPC.

    Sadly most software is compiled for x86, if they can get precompiled exe's for x86 going on PPC it will be great.

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    Capitalizt, if you need some local testers, I live right up in Worcster MA. I have a mac (not a mini yet), and have Linux/Unix experience (not much programing though). I am more than willing to help out any way I can.

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    First things first hybridmike, that girl on your homepage is friggin freaky! And I looked around but couldnt find info on your software other then an xm one and a launcher- got anymore info? Free? Pay? Links? thanks alot!

    Looked around your site. Whats the progress on the Mini Mac front end? Expect to recieve the Mini mac & some parts(touch screen) the 1st week of March. Would like to be ready to fullly setup - PSW before install.
    01-27-2005 02:11 PM
    you guys havent looked under Front ends in software and development...we have a sub forum for mobile media center.
    however we have the audio portion ported over to the mac now and are completeing the skining system as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpaetzel
    Does that have you going then?
    Not really. Here's what I did today (where myusername is my sourceforge name):

    My-Computer:~/documents/idash/idash tberry$ cvs -dserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/idash checkout idash
    cvs checkout: Updating idash
    U idash/.DS_Store
    U idash/SettingsPanel.applescript
    U idash/iDash.applescript
    U idash/main.m
    U idash/movieplayer.applescript

    ...and so on until it creates an idash folder inside my idash folder (yes, I know that's redundant) and has the whole project.

    Then, I made some changes in XCODE and went to commit them using the following:

    My-Computer:~/documents/idash/idash tberry$ cvs commit -m "Added tab support to music module."
    cvs commit: Examining idash
    cvs commit: Examining idash/English.lproj
    cvs commit: Examining idash/English.lproj/MainMenu.nib
    cvs commit: Examining idash/English.lproj/MainMenu~.nib
    cvs commit: in directory idash/English.lproj/MainMenu~.nib:
    cvs [commit aborted]: there is no version here; do 'cvs checkout' first

    It's looking for the CVS version but can't find it. Here's what's in the directory it's looking in:

    My-Computer:~/documents/idash/idash tberry$ ls
    CVS iDash.xcode
    English.lproj main.m
    SettingsPanel.applescript movieplayer.applescript
    build music_commands.applescript

    I can see the CVS folder and inside are a couple of files, one of which is called 'Repository' but I can't figure out what's up.

    Any help, as always, is appreciated.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Ok, the files that end in ~ are (well, I usually call them 'emacs droppings') temporary backups done by XCode. Basically it's so if XCode crashes it can recover to the last autosave instead of just the last time you actually saved the file. It's failing because there's no equivalent file ending in ~ in CVS to compare to.

    You either need to get xcode/interface builder to leave those files elsewhere, remove them manually before committing, or tell CVS to ignore them.


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    For those who have asked about running VPC with navigation software, it works very well. I have run just about all of them. CoPilot 7 Live laptop, streets and trips (hacked for faster updating), Destinator (my favorite) and Street Atlas 2004.

    I have Route66 but it is definitely the weakest of the bunch. Bought it 'cause they support the mac and I wanted to encourage that.

    I use a Globalsat bluetooth gps which I configure as a serial port on the mac side. VPC then just sees it as that, a serial port and it works very well.

    The worst part is that the voice prompts sometimes get mangled, but not a huge issue.

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