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Thread: PyMedia and PyCar Front End

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    I found this today.

    Cocoa and Python.

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    A couple of notes...

    MacPython is a project from before Mac OS X. Any new Mac comes with an Apple supplied distribution of Python. Just open a terminal and type python and you'll be in the interpreter.

    Python for Cocoa is pretty interesting (I was already toying around with it earlier today) but be warned that Cocoa is very ObjectiveC-esqe and not very Python-esqe. Even being fairly familiar with both Cocoa and Python it was a bit mind-bending for me.

    Though, you could get even more bizarre and go with Ruby/Cocoa and really blow your mind :P


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    Quote Originally Posted by gmed
    I recently found a couple of applicaions called PyMedia and Pycar which are made to work under Win and linux. I contacted someone from the website and this is what he told me.

    > Any chance this software could be made for Mac OS X?

    Hi George,
    The software itself will work under Mac OS X. But all the codecs and
    stuff will not( PyMedia ).
    Once somebody can port PyMedia to a Mac OS X, PyCar will work there

    The link for these applications is:

    Maybe someone can look this up and see if it can work under OS X.

    Some of the screen shots can be found here:
    I used the contact me form on the pymedia site and suggested he contact the guys at for assistance.

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