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Thread: Sneak Peak Mac MMC skin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitoholic
    Basically, iMeedia uses a very simple XML style skinning system. It will be very easy to skin and bring a lot of flexibility.

    Yes, we will be adding many features to iMeedia. Pretty much everything you would like to do in your car will be there...

    Take care

    Thanks. I know I'm not being too helpful, but I have just one suggestion: To me it seems like Route 66 is (I think the only GPS software available for OSX) not very good. A lot of people like the idea of a fully functional carputer, but an accurate GPS is the center of it. I would reccommend, from my limited knowledge, running virtual PC and either a good PC app (not sure what), or I don't know if it is possilbe to hack software for another system (such as Pioneer's Avic N1 has 12 million POI's with many modes and functions). Just my thoughts.

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    Any news on when its going to be released?This would at nicely too my mac install

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