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Thread: Overclock your Mac mini

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    I see the instructions all over the place.. having just procured a mini, I am wondering.. has anyone here overclocked theirs? If so, how much, and how pleased are you with the results?

    I'm thinking about doing this, but hesitant to do so without testimonials..

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    I don't know if youv'e read the reviews, but the main bottleneck of the MM is the 4200 rpm HD. If anything needs an upgrade it's that. There is a page I saw where some guys did the swap with a 7200 rpm notebook drive and got huge results (outperformed powerbooks). Just !!!
    I'm sure the same guys do overclocking, they were mac gurus.

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    Here's a thread with a lot of great info on overclocking the mini. Apparently they've located the 5th resistor and can potentially overclock it past 1.58GHz, although stability at and beyond 1.58 is still kind of sketchy.

    I'll be vying for 1.58 after I get the 7200rpm hard drive installed.

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