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Thread: Mac Mini Media

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    Mac Mini Media

    I'm not a mac user myself (well not yet anyway, getting a mac mini for my studio in a few months) but I found this thread and wasn't sure if it might be useful for someone looking to get the mini in their carputer. Hope it helps somebody!
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    Interesting stuff! I was not aware of that link:-)
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    Hi Guys,

    Total newbie to this carputer thing, but fell over this site when a long time idea got possible thanks to the release of the MacMini.

    Just wanted to point u to a project which would be so cool to implement in a mac based carputer. take a look at this at tell me if that would be nice to have in the car

    So far my own caputer is very much on the drawing board, but will end like this

    Mercedes ML 320 with:
    MacMini under the seat
    Xenarc 700YV in the 2 din center console
    USB trackpad in the armrest (that's going to be a challenge)

    and so far only with Mac OS X and the normal apps for mp3 and movie, BluePhoneElite for the mobile phone and route 66 with a bluetooth gps mouse

    And i will off course keep a sharp eye on iDash and maybe join in when i finished some work and have the time.

    nothing fancy.. but a rock solid carputer solution for under 1300 euro


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