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Thread: Going Mac over PC

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    Wow good links and good advice. I've been looking for a site like those for a while now, Thanks!

    As far as the comment on 256 I totally agree. I've used even older machines with 256 and they just seems to be real sluggish. 512 seems to be a minimum for macs now-a-days.
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    OSX may say it runs with 256, but believe me you will chew up your hard drive with caching and virtual memory.

    OSX is built upon the cache idea of do it once, remember and Ill do it 10x faster next time. So the more physical RAM the better, always.

    Apple giving you only 256 is a slap in the face cuz 512 is BARE MINIMUM and to be realistic, if you can afford it 1GB is the min i recommend for any G4 or G5 (and a G5, 2GB min if u got dual processors, like meeee)

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    Sweet!!!!! Mac heads!!!!

    I stumbled upon this site while searching for 7" Touchscreen VGA monitors. I'm glad I did. I have been trying to figure out a place to mount a screen in my 03 Dakota CC without it looking stupid. I have an Alpine 9833 Headunit that I got not too long ago that has to stay so I'm kind of stuck with finding another location. I plan on adding a Mac Mini as well as one of the new PS2's. I have considered getting a flip down display, but I haven't really seen anything that catches my attention. The 700TR by Xantec looks good as far as price goes. Since the heat/ac vents go up and down and they are located on the left and right side of my head unit I was toying with the idea of closing off the right side vents and install a regular monitor in it that would slide out and rotate to face the viewers. I have an idea in my head, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I really don't want to carve up the insides of my truck.

    Grimey I was wondering if you came up with any ideas as far as mounting the monitor?


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    Actually, the rest of the hardware forum for LCD's ( would be best for figuring out how to mount your monitor since it does not really depend on an OS. You can get many ideas from others that have done this route.

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