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Thread: Sorry but i am new What screen

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    Sorry but i am new What screen

    Hello everyone and nice to meet your comunity. I have been a mac lover since the introduction of the first mac and now i just bought a new macmini for my office. The other day surfing on spymac i saw something i did not even know it exist, a photo of a mac mini connected to a 7 inch touch screen. To me it was a very wounderfull discovery and right away i tought, car, itunes, gps, email, movie and lotsmore. After a bit of research i discovr you guys and here i am postingmy first 3d.

    Now my question are two, and you probably talked about this before but plese be patient with me.
    Does MacOSx support lilliput touch screen? I have not seen software for those tipe of screen wich are the most common arround.

    Second does it exist a power adaptor forthe mac mini that works with 12 volts of the car? If not is it possible to connect it to power and how?

    Once again tnx and nice to meet you all.

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    I have a Xenarc touch screen and these drivers work for me...

    In regards to the lilliput touch screen driver, I don't have any experience with them, but I have heard some complaints... Check out these forums, carmac and CarputerMac

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    I just came across this link:


    The article also mentions the onscreen keyboard touchstrokes

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    What is the screen in the picture?

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    basically a no-name screen. Avaialble from eBay. A company named Dynamix sells them. Just got one 2-3 weeks ago, its not too bad. Could be a bit brighter during the day, but apparently even the most expensive screens have that problem. Btw, it's a touchscreen.

    Link to their eBay store

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    Man you mac sub-forum guys are so nice. He's lucky he didn't ask this question in the LCD/newbie section hahahaha......the search mob would attack :P

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    Thumbs up

    seriously though, I did a lot of research and still just wanted to hear from some peeps that used a lilliput and a mac mini. I found one! The only difference is that I have an 8" lilliput on the way and they had a 7". So I'll let ya know how it works and with which drivers it works on tuesday probably. I can tell you from my searching that several people had success with the 7" lilliput and the mac drivers from digitalww.
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